Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Fresh Pollen, our traps are full!

photo copyright 2008 ©-The Hive Honey Shop

Here is one of our National Pollen Traps. There is nothing like the taste of fresh pollen. You can smell the sweet honey/blossom aroma as you near the hive. The trap drawer is accessed via the back of the hive. No need to get in protective gear. Just pull the drawer out and empty. I freeze the pollen and use it in our HayfeGUARD product. I eat spoons full each day. Lovely taste!

If you use a trap, only keep the trap on for 10 days and then remove. Your bees will have noticed the lack of pollen coming in and will recruit a large number of bees to become pollen gathers. Once the trap is removed you will get a big influx of pollen coming in, which will compensate for the amount you removed, weather permitting. Spring is a great time to put traps on.

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