Thursday, 23 April 2009

Little Pollen Traps Work a Treat!

Well the pollen is going in fast and thick. We have tried a new kind of pollen trap, one that attaches to the front of the hive entrance. Its quick to attach and remove and the bees fill it up quite quickly. The photos show it in action. The tray was filled within one day.

photo copyright 2009 ©-The Hive Honey Shop


Tim said...

That's an impressive pollen trap, James!

On pollen matters, we noticed an awful lot of pollen had fallen through the floor of one of our hives.

Not wanting to waste the pollen, I retrieved some of it and put it on the landing board of the hive! I'm not sure whether there's a better way of getting the hive to reclaim the pollen. What do you think?

The Hive Honey Shop said...

Your bees will tend to ignore the pollen on the flight board. Collect it and mix it with sugar fondant. Make a little flat patty, wrap it in cling film to avoid it drying out. Cut a small hole on one side and invert it on top of the brood frames. Your bees will love it and benefit from the added protein. Remember only feed bees sugar fondant BEFORE or AFTER the honey harvest. We do not want it to come in contact with our pure honey.